I make things look pretty

Why I do what I do—I love taking people’s favorite things and creating an entire design around them … childhood toys, favorite trips, memories, family heirlooms, or funky traditions.

My style—Clean, modern, elegant, playful, whimsical—and yes, I believe that all of those things can mingle in the same place. My big dream is to have my designs lovingly squeezed through a letterpress, but until that day, I’ll just design like they are just that “impressive.”

The Gray Attic on Etsy

The Gray Attic is the name of my Etsy shop, where I made my first sale in August of 2011.  Since then, I have mused over and designed all sorts of lovelies in my head, and then scratched them onto pieces of paper. Some of those ideas have come to life and now reside in my shop where they await a new home.

So, why the blog? (You might ask) …

I wanted to log my creative process and collect all of my inspirations and musings in one place. Here, on thegrayattic. I’ll try to be interesting, but I can’t promise anything ground-breaking, but I do commit to making it a true and real record of MY process.