New Etsy Birth Announcements – “Pen & Ink”

Pen & Ink is a fun textural design series that I have created from simple shape illustrations and line art doodles. It’s been fun to play and tweak the pattern, to add color here and there to see what emerges. I have a couple more designs up my sleeve for this series, but I want to give you a sampling of what’s available now in my shop.







And I created a holiday card version too.


New Etsy Holiday Birth Announcements – “Ornaments”

Introducing my Holiday Birth Announcement design series “Ornaments.” I custom designed a version of this last Christmas for a dear friend. I loved it so much, I created a 5×7 version for my shop for this holiday season.




New Etsy Birth Announcements – “Faded Roses”

Here is the “Faded Roses” series in a variety of color stories. Honoring my husband’s grandfather’s art, these roses are given new life on this vintage hand-painted birth story print. This birth announcement is sure to be a treasured work of art in its own right.

Faded Roses-Apricot_BA

Faded Roses-Aqua_BA

Faded Roses-Chartreuse_BA

Faded Roses-Plum_BA

Faded Roses-Stone_BA

New Etsy Birth Announcements – “Garden Bouquet”

I’m so happy to finally have some of my new designs debut in my shop. The color palette is bold and the designs are playful and fun! I even have some holiday cards available this year as well, I’ll post on that later. So, visit my etsy shop and check out the new designs, and spread the word to all the Mom-to-Be’s in your life. Below is the Garden Bouquet series.

A little about the design: I hand painted the flowers with watercolor and then played with the hues and saturation in Photoshop to create different color palettes. I love that this looks hand created with the beautiful hand-lettered font by Emily Conners with Emily Lime Designs.




I also included a shower invitation version as well.